Case Studies

Sort of things I’ve been up to over recent months

By it’s very nature, a lot of employee relations work requires a degree of sensitive handling and is inevitably bound by confidentiality. But I’ll give you a flavour of the sort of things I’ve been up to recently.

For example, the pressure on Headteachers to ensure that their workforce performs to a consistently high standard is never far away. It’s never really been any different. Tackling underperformance and managing capability procedures is a messy, time consuming and emotionally demanding business for everyone involved.

Over the last year, I’ve worked with a number of school leaders, teachers and trade union representatives to broker more dignified outcomes, that have enabled the employee to move on and leave the employer free from the threat of unfair dismissal claims.

Pay can also be a minefield. The last five years have seen a considerably less prescriptive approach from Government and there is now more opportunity for discretion and flexibility.  Several of the Academies I’ve worked with have made good use of these – especially in rewarding higher performance – but have been careful not to fall foul of equalities legislation .