‘Spotlight’ behavioural profiling

Teams that make the best use of their members ‘super strengths’ often perform a whole lot better, especially when there’s something at stake or the pressure’s on (when isn’t it?). Spotlight behavioural profiling identifies not just our behavioural preferences but also how we prefer to operate when the chips are down. I’m working with school leadership teams that are discovering how agile they can be once they know where the strengths and the gaps are. Contact me for more details.

Standards for Teachers Professional Development

If you haven’t seen it and you’re reviewing your appraisal process, the DfE has published standards for teachers professional development. See


Pay policies

The changes introduced in successive Pay and Conditions Documents since 2012 have been significant, to say the least. All teacher pay progression is now performance related and with that comes the potential for fallouts and bust ups. Is your pay policy clear about the circumstances under which teachers will be awarded pay progression and precise about the criteria that have to be met? And are they equality proof? Local authorities and the trade unions produce their own models and most are a good starter, but schools should be wary of simply adopting these without checking that they fit your particular circumstances and ambitions.