Dave Hewitt
Education HR Consultant

Dave Hewitt, experienced HR professional, specialising in employee relations work across schools and education


Employment law

I can help you navigate the choppy waters and steer clear of potentially damaging – and costly – litigation.

Policies and procedures

I can develop what you’ve got, create what you need and fit it more closely to the needs and circumstances of your particular institution.

Performance management and appraisal

By helping you build the right links between performance, appraisal and pay, you have a better chance of improving standards.

Change management and redundancy

I can help you re-configure your workforce, get it into the sort of shape you can afford, but one which will also deliver.

Grievances and disputes

I can help in finding ways of sorting these things out, working in consultation with trade unions and other professional organisations.


I can point you in the right direction, including negotiating settlement agreements on your behalf.


Dealing effectively with instances of misconduct is hardly ever pleasant. I can support you in investigating cases and advise you on how best to proceed.

Managing absence and attendance

I’ll guide you carefully in how to deal with those occasions when someone can’t attend for work, as regularly as you’d like.

HR training for School Leaders and Governors

I can offer training to build the capacity of your leadership team, improve their understanding of typical HR issues and brief them on new developments. 


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Headteachers, Principals and School Leaders are busy people and HR issues can sap valuable time and energy, so effective support with people management problems is critical.